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By: Brody Salazar, Maranda Gonzalez & Esmeralda De Santiago

New York, the fashion capital of the country, requires seamstresses, designers, makeup artists, and someone to bring it to the light of public. Social Media editor Christina Monroe worked on her very first New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this year. With a view of the Hudson River where ferries full of tourists and locals cross towards Brooklyn, Monroe gets a view while she analyzes the statistics of this month’s social media results for Revlon.

After falling in love with the “magical energy” of New York City less than a month after graduating college, Monroe decided to move and become a New Yorker. Monroe is on the global social media team for ALMAY, a brand owned by Revlon.

“I am responsible for creating, monitoring and growing social communities,” said Monroe. “I interact with so many brilliant minds on a day-to-day basis.”

Monroe shares how much she enjoys her job and appreciates the people she meets, as well as taking pleasure in working her colleagues. Monroe acknowledges the fact that Revlon has given her so many opportunities throughout her career impacting not only her life but New York City as a whole.

“Fashion is important in the city,” said Monroe, “…fashion is a direct reflection of the culture of New York City, which is more important to note, in my opinion. Hip-hop – which is not just about music – is deeply rooted in the fashion, art and language of New York City. Street style and street culture impact the fashion of New York City unlike any other.”

In this year’s NYFW, Monroe worked with the brand C.N.D.(Revlon owned) to design nails for the models. She expressed fashion week nails tend to be nude, but this year, “We had nails with a fringe, that were dragging across the runway. Statement pieces, loud, bold, in your face … In the politically charged climate that we live in now days your nails also have expressions.”

Monroe states how one does their nails is a significant expression of who they are. Monroe loves fashion and how it gives her the ability to express herself.

“I never feel completely done unless I have a perfectly polished nails,” Monroe said. “C.N.D. makes me feel more powerful as a woman.”

As she walked to her work space she explained the various types of departments in ALMAY. Furthermore demonstrating the processes of her daily life at Revlon.

Video interview with Christina Monroe

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